AutoBody Repair

Staffed with a Qualified, experienced and motivated team, under the watchful eye of our Panel Shop Manager Oren Tadmor, we provide high quality repairs to Auto Body accident damage. From front or rear end collisions,  to parking lot bumps &    scrapes, we will professionally repair such damage and restore your vehicle to showroom condition!

Bumper Repairs

We repair all types of bumpers which are constructed of either Plastic, Rubber, or Fibreglass. Many clients cannot believe that even severely damaged bumpers can be repaired and restored to a "good as new" condition both functionally and aesthetically.

Dashboard Repairs

We have dashboard repair techniques to structurally and cosmetically rectify damage caused by accident, theft, faulty equipment installation or wear and tear. Sun-cracked dashboards can also be restored to a "near original" state using our complete re-skining process.*
*This process is carried out selectively at our discretion and may not be economically viable on some models.

Plastic Trim & Interior Panels

Most rigid or semi-rigid interior, or other plastic panels or trim, can be successfully repaired and cosmetically restored. Examples of these include Door Panels, Consoles, Arm-rests etc.

Spraypainting and Colour-Coding

We take great pride in our spraypainting, ensuring a paint finish as durable and beautiful as you would expect from the manufacturer. To ensure that we are able to achieve this, we make exclusive use of premium quality PPG Automotive paints (Licenced by AECI Coatings (Pty) Ltd). We colour match on site using the advanced Computerized PPG "Microtint" system, and are able to accurately match more than 280 000 International paint colour formulations of vehicle manufacturers.

All our Spraypainting is done in a temperature controlled, Downdraft Thermomechanica Spraybooth/Oven. This provides a controlled, dust free environment, which results in a high quality finish to your vehicles paintwork. Full or partial resprays are baked in the oven at 80 degrees Celcius while smaller jobs are dried using our new state of the art Trisk Curemaster short wave Infra Red drying lamp system.

Polishing & Detailing

A vital part of the successful finnishing of a spraypainting job is that of surface polishing, this removes any dust knibbs or minor surface imperfections. In order to achieve the finest qualiy in this area, we make exclusive use of the latest Polishing and Detailing products and Systems from world leader 3M.Our main polisher Alfonso Petersen has recently completed training with 3M.

Other Plastic Repairs

Generally speaking, if it's Plastic...we can fix it. From industrial chemical storage tanks, to motor cycle fairings, to jet ski or marine components.

Insurance & Quotations

We do work for all major Insurance companies and will gladly provide you with any assistance to ensure fast and efficient authorisation of your repairs, minnimising the inconvenience of vehicle downtime!
We have a Drive-in Quotations area but we will gladly come to your office or home to do a free Quotation *
* This service may not be available at all times


As a rule, repairing plastic parts is far more economical than replacement, generally less than 50 % of the price of new parts, sometimes as low as 10%. A further advantage of repairing specifically automotive plastics, is that the repair cost in many instances is below the excess payable on a claim under your insurance policy. This allows you to avoid spoiling your claims record, which in turn translates into savings on future premiums, not to mention avoiding the unnecessary hassle involved in processing an insurance claim. Due to the extremely varied nature of damage, it is not possible to provide qoutations without a visual assesment of the work required. We will however, be glad to provide some basic guideline as to the aproximate price range which you may expect the repair to fall into. To do this we will require a rough description of the nature of the damage, which you may give us telephonically on (021) 461-0238 or by E-mail.